My top three goals starting the six months program with my coach Pat Tufts were Losing weight, feeling better and looking better.

Pat was able to help me lose 16 lbs, I do look better and am starting to feel Better.

The biggest tangible change that I have noticed since beginning the program has been recognizing that I am an emotional eater and that I need to balance my life better to look and feel better.

The most significant change I have noticed has been progressive weight loss with minimal change in my lifestyle.

I would describe Pat as an extremely good listener, very intuitive, able to read between what I am saying and what I actually mean. She is knowledgeable, and an extremely pleasant person to work with.

I will recommend Pat to my friends, I am so happy that I used Pat as a coach and gave her a chance to help me to the extent she has.


                                                                                        Rochelle H

                                                                                        Insurance Broker

My top three goals upon starting the 6 months program were

1. To get better sleep, I was waking up stiff and sore feeling as if a truck hit me.

2. Make better health choices, both in eating and drinking to feel better and happier.

3. Maintain a healthy exercise program to have a healthy lifestyle.

Patricia helped me achieve my goals by providing me with all the tools I needed. I learned the importance of staying away from processed foods, the value of cooking and enjoying fresh vegetables. I learned how to accurately read labels to make wise choices. I now understand the value of keeping a personal journal. She asked all the right questions to help me look at ways of improving my life. I got in touch with my inner self and realized every choice I make affects me for better or worse. For example, my biggest tangible change is that I am now mindful of all my choices food, drink, exercise, relationships with family and friends. I understand that these things affect my life for the good or not depending on how I treat myself.


“I would describe Patricia as a very kind and caring person. I love how she really listens to your concerns and helps with questions that help look deeper into myself to find the needed answers to better my life. She is always up building and has good advice.”


“I would recommend Patricia Tufts to anyone that is ready to make a healthy life change a way of life. Not just a diet. We all know they do not last but a way of life change for the better of oneself.”


                                                                                    Cathy S


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